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We are an infiniti resource company  bringing the power of Hydrogen Science to everyone!

Healthcare Solutions
Green Solutions

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy Solution

With our partners at IRCare Sdn Bhd and through using electrolysis technology, we have developed Molecular Hydrogen Therapy devices to relieve Pain and Reduce Inflammation. Our Hydrogen Therapy Machines generate molecular hydrogen gas which is sprayed topically on the skin and is absorbed by the body to neutralise free radicals and reduce inflammation.
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Hydrogen Water Generator Solutions

With our partners at IRCare Sdn Bhd and through using electrolysis technology, we have developed Hydrogen Water Solutions to bring the healing properties of Molecular Hydrogen through our everyday drinking water.
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Soil Cooling Technologies

Enjoy tropical open-air gardens without sweating with our innovative soil cooling system.
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Municipal Waste Management

Imagine a system which transforms household waste into energy for power or heating purposes. This process is known as Anaerobic Digestion, a biological process of biomass decomposition. With this system installed, you can now re-cycle your household waste into power, hence reducing your electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
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ISO Certification

We are the primary technology provider for IR Care Sdn Bhd, the leading Hydrogen Healthcare Solutions Provider in Malaysia. Through IRCare, our Hydrogen Therapy Machines have received the ISO 13485 Certification to authenticate that our devices comply with the effectiveness and safety standards as advocated by the International Standard for Quality Management System for Medical Device.
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Careers at HYiROX

We are always looking for bright, forward thinking individuals who can work with us to develop world-changing technologies. Click below to see what positions are currently available. 
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